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Our Friend Spotlight - Sean Tataryn!

From the get-go, Sean has been such a wonderful friend, guy and artist!

Get ready for the Myumees cause they are coming your way soon! My wonderful friend, Sean Tataryn, is the creator of these amazing dolls and not only are we great friends, but I'm one of his biggest fans!

Outside of the creation of the dolls themselves, Sean is hard at work on promotion of his awesome website and themed presentations, the latest one being "The Journey of Man" which you can see in his 2006 calendar which is recently out. Sean lives in Vancouver , Canada and has been promoting his dolls all over the world. One day these dolls may be on a store shelf near you! Check out his site cause it's quite a fun trip!


I just love looking at these dolls!

                                                                   Sean Tataryn 

Fast Facts!

Name - Sean Tataryn
Lives in Vancouver, Canada

Loves - Making Myumees, film, television, Madonna, history



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